If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you've been on this adventure with me for a while now.  If you're new here, then welcome to the party!  I am celebrating a decade of being an artist & a full-time musician by finally recording an album!  

 It seems like yesterday that I graduated college, bought a guitar, & hoped for the best. 

My entire career has been spent playing overseas, putting in road hours from dive bars to festivals, & playing all kind of fun places in between.  I knew I wanted to have unique experiences to write about, so I threw myself into the world & went wherever the wind called me. While I am extremely grateful for all the friends I've made along the way, I've always longed to have body of work that represented the never-ending adventure that is my life. 

 After  my music was taken & deleted from streaming services this year, I decided to take full control of my music & start over. This loss inspired me to finally record my songs the way I had always envisioned, & motivated me to write new songs. 

I'm crowdfunding because I need help to make this happen.  All donations will go directly to recording, mixing, mastering, paying the musicians, product, & getting the music to you! 

Asking for help is super foreign to me, but I've finally learned that life takes a village. I have been around the world & back, but I finally feel like I'm coming home to myself through my music. I am so grateful to Atlantic Coast Recording  Studio for helping me find my way home. 

The goal I'm trying to reach is $7,500 for an album release date in March. I hope to reach this goal with pre-sales & donations. 

 I will also be hosting a series of house concerts to raise funds for recording. One of the concerts will be online, so stay tuned!  

Thank you to everyone who has come to shows, shared my music, & come along this wild & beautiful adventure with me over the last 10 years. 

I am so excited to finally share what I've been working on with you! 

It feels good to be home. 

Support Packages

Donation - Any amount
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Donation - Any amount

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Donation - Any amount

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If you would like to offer support, but none of the tiers line up for for you, here is a spot to help in any way that feels right to you.

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Album + Special Thanks On The Album Credits + Personal Note
  • Album + Special Thanks On The Album Credits + Personal Note

Album + Special Thanks On The Album Credits + Personal Note

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I will thank you in the album credits and send a personal handwritten thank you note to you!

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Album + House Concert + Album Mention
  • Album + House Concert + Album Mention

Album + House Concert + Album Mention

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I will play a house concert for you and your friends. Must be within a 150 mile radius of where I'm touring, unless otherwise arranged. Online house concerts can also be provided.

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Producers Credit + All Tiers + Behind The Scenes Video +Tickets
  • Producers Credit + All Tiers + Behind The Scenes Video +Tickets

Producers Credit + All Tiers + Behind The Scenes Video +Tickets

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All the perks from the above tiers, plus 2 backstage passes to all events/concerts that I play for the 2024 calendar year, and a special behind the scenes video of the recording process.

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When will the album be completed?

I am hoping to have everything completed and released my March 3rd! 

How can I contribute?

Thank you for considering! Click on any of the bundles above to support! 

How did you decide on your goal amount?

I added up how many hours I will be in the studio, paying the engineer, what it costs to pay musicians for rehearsal and recording times for each track, 

mixing hours, and mastering the songs. I've had to outsource other resources that I couldn't do myself that helped me arrive at the goal amount. 

This price also helps with related art and packaging needs for the album, shipping, and a small amount has gone to merch for the album. 

I was able to keep a lot of the cost down by doing my own web design and album artwork.

How will I know if you've reached your goal?

I will keep you updated on this page, and by email.

If I don't have the funds is there a way I can still help?

Absolutely! Sharing my campaign with your friends and on socials is super helpful! 


 If the two payment methods do not work for you, here is another option:

Updates and Blog 

Local Eat Drink & Celebrate // Feb 21st // 5pm 

I am super stoked to have partnered with Local Eat Drink & Celebrate to host my first fundraiser concert. 

My amazing musician friends will also be playing! 

Drew Jacobs, Christopher Nelson, Asphalt & Gravel, and The Travel Cats! 

The show starts at 5pm

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